Bring simplicity, speed, and efficiency to your HRM processes. Improve all-round productivity and employee engagement with our powerful HRM tools tailor-made for restaurant operators

Employee Onboarding
Paperless online process instead of piles of paperwork. Capture all necessary employee information ranging from personal to work details at a centralized location.

Employee Contract Management
Carry out various employee lifecycle activities, such as Addition, Confirmation, Appraisals, Promotion, Transfer, Disciplinary Actions, Resignation, Termination and maintain complete work history. Create, amend, and terminate employment contracts.

Employee Document Management
Manage your employee documents online instead of keeping piles of hard copies. Integrated upload facility for educational certificates, passport, visa, ID proofs, PIC, HACCP and certificates, training etc. Monitor the validity and expiry dates of your employee documents.

Employee Scheduling
Simplify your Shift Management with Easy to Build Schedules
Optimize your Team Performance
Plan and Track Working Hours of your Employees
Cut Over-time Pay
Process Payroll Based on Accurate Working Hours

Time & Attendance System
Fast and simple time and attendance tools to save time and to help you generate accurate payroll. Input attendance data using our simple tools, or capture using third party devices. Keep track of your employee attendance and leave.

Employee Requests Management
Manage all your employee requests seamlessly with just a few clicks. Handle applications for leave, loans & advances promptly and avoid grievances.

Seamless Payroll
Say goodbye to spreadsheets and payroll errors. Process a comprehensive payroll with a single click and disburse accurate salaries on time.
Integrated with Time and Attendance System.
Generate Pay Slips

Integrated with Accounting
Never worry about complex API integration of your HRMS with Accounting software. Cibo HRM is fully integrated with our ensuite accounting system. All your HR transactions are recorded in real-time ensuring accurate accounting of payroll costs and liabilities.