By accessing and utilizing Cibo RMS or indicating your acceptance through any affirmative action, you are providing your consent to be bound by these terms. If you are agreeing to these terms on behalf of your employer or a third party, you affirm that you possess the necessary authority to enter into this agreement on their behalf. This agreement formalizes the relationship between Cibo Cloud Services LLC and the individual or entity (Customer) expressing acceptance of these terms.


Cibo offers a cloud-based management system for businesses to assess, track, optimize, and scale operations. To use the Services, you must open a "Cibo Account" by providing accurate and complete information during registration. Cibo reserves the right to modify account types or suspend/terminate accounts for non-compliance with registration requirements or providing inaccurate information.


1. Customer-Owned Data: Any data, information, and content that customers upload to the Cibo RMS service retain ownership by the customer. By utilizing the service, the customer grants Cibo RMS a non-exclusive, royalty-free, fully paid-up, worldwide license. This license enables Cibo RMS to access, use, modify, display, and transmit Customer Data, facilitating service provision and the enhancement of features.

2. Affiliates and Contractors: You, along with your Affiliates (companies under your direct or indirect control with at least 50% ownership interest), may enter into orders with Cibo RMS. Affiliates that enter into orders agree to abide by these terms as if they were an original party. You may allow your Affiliates and contractors to use the service, provided you are responsible for their compliance with these terms, and their usage must be for your benefit.

3. Customer Responsibilities: You have certain responsibilities, including keeping your account passwords secure, ensuring the accuracy, quality, and legality of Customer Data, and using the service by its technical documentation and applicable law. Compliance with the provided FAQ is also necessary.

4. Integrated Third-Party Services: Cibo RMS interacts with third-party services (e.g., loyalty services, logistics partners, payment gateways, etc.). You must have accounts with these services, and Cibo RMS is not responsible for them. If Cibo RMS cannot access a Third-Party Service, it may affect some functions of the service. No refund or credit will be provided for temporary unavailability.

5. Cibo RMS Support: We provide support for the service as outlined in our Customer Support Policy, and you can contact us at support@ciborms.com for assistance.

6. 14-Day Trial Version: If you're using a trial version of the service, you can access it for 14 days (unless extended by Cibo RMS). The trial version is provided 'AS IS,' with no warranty. All trial Customer Data will be deleted within 15 days after the trial period unless you upgrade to a paid service.

7. Competitive and Related Restrictions: Accessing the service for monitoring, benchmarking, or competitive purposes is strictly prohibited, and competitors are required to secure prior written consent from Cibo RMS before accessing the service.

8. Restrictions: Engaging in prohibited actions such as selling, reselling, renting, or leasing the service, along with strictly forbidden uses for unsolicited marketing, unlawful content, or interference with functionality, are strictly prohibited, with the exception of reverse engineering allowed only as permitted by applicable law.

9. Use of SMS Module:Compliance with mandatory content standards, opt-in and opt-out requirements, and adherence to relevant laws and standards for text messaging and emailing are imperative, ensuring that content transmitted through the SMS Module does not violate intellectual property rights, encourage hatred, or contain spam or unsolicited material.

10. Suspension::Cibo RMS may temporarily suspend service use if a breach of this agreement is believed to have occurred. Refer to the FAQ for additional details.


Cibo may cancel or terminate accounts violating Terms and Conditions or Privacy Policies, retaining customer personal information for one month post-cancellation. If customers voluntarily terminate accounts, Cibo promptly removes personal information from its database.


As a customer, you have the right to access and use your account. Ensure the confidentiality of your login information. Cibo assumes legal authority if your login is used by another user. If aware of unauthorized login, promptly notify Cibo at support@Ciborms.com. You're liable for account activity until Cibo is notified, and the Company may take appropriate action upon notification.


1. Fees and Payment: The customer is obliged to settle all fees as outlined in the order. In instances where fees are not expressly specified, payment is expected within 14 days upon receipt of an invoice. Throughout a paid term, the quantities of services ordered cannot be reduced. It's crucial to emphasize that the Customer is also accountable for the payment of all relevant sales, use, withholding, VAT, and similar taxes. This agreement encompasses one or more orders for the Service, and these orders are subject to the terms of this agreement. Your subscription will automatically renew until canceled.

2. Credit Card Payments:In the case of using a credit card account for payment, Cibo RMS may seek pre-approval for an amount up to the total order value. The customer is obligated to make online payments for the services, and Cibo RMS reserves the right to charge its credit card for all purchases, inclusive of any applicable taxes and late fees. THE CUSTOMER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ENSURING TIMELY PAYMENTS OF ALL FEES AND FOR PROVIDING A VALID CREDIT CARD AUTHORIZED FOR PAYMENT. If the Customer desires to designate a different credit card or use a bank account, or if there is any change in the status of the Customer's credit card, it is the Customer's responsibility to update this information online within the Service. If a Customer's credit card undergoes changes, expires, is revoked, disputed, or becomes invalid for any other reason, Cibo RMS may, without liability, suspend, terminate, or take other appropriate actions related to the Customer's use of the Services. Notice of such actions will be communicated to the Customer via email, using the email address associated with the Service, with a 5-day notice period.


You have the option to close your Cibo account at any time without incurring additional costs. However, please be aware that you will remain responsible for any outstanding purchases, fees, or charges incurred. Once your account is closed, Cibo will not issue refunds for amounts previously accrued through our services. To close your account, you can either contact Support@Ciborms.com or use the direct option available in your Cibo console.It's important to note that, in certain cases, Cibo may restrict the closure of your account for the following reasons:

1. Attempt to Evade Investigation: If there is a suspicion of attempting to evade an investigation.

2. Open or Pending Purchases or Payment Transactions:If there are ongoing or pending purchases or payment transactions associated with your account.

3. Outstanding Debt to Cibo In the event that you owe money to Cibo due to your use of the services.